I loved all the staff!

I loved all of the staff here. They were very helpful in getting me through my treatment. I do not have a bad word to say about anyone. They pushed me when I needed to be pushed and were there for me when I needed a little extra help during the day.

I loved working with my treatment team. I felt that they cared deeply about me and my recovery and were very willing to offer education and support. They challenged me in many positive ways and helped me to grow in my confidence in myself.

I had an amazing experience! So thankful I came here, if I ever needed a higher level of care again (hopefully not) I would without hesitation come back here.

Thank you so much Alsana, I do feel like this helped. I am able to self regulate my emotions better, and ask for support when i am struggling. I learned that not everything needs to go in extremes and my shame about struggling with an eating disorder has drastically decreased. I am learning how to have healthy boundaries and relationships with people and my relationship with my family has drastically improved. My brief residential stay really helped as well , the environment there was amazing.  The whole staff at Alsana is amazing. Throughout all levels of care. I would also like to thank the DCs. I really am coming out of treatment a lot better then I came in. Im glad a previous client recommended Alsana, I would recommend it to anyone i know who is trying to find treatment as well. 

Amazing and very helpful people that helped me recover, build coping skills, and fix my eating habits/sleep routine and I can’t thank them enough.

THANK YOU ALSANA FOR EVERYTHING! I am learning how to manage my urges for self harm, suicidal ideation, and ED behaviors. I am now able to eat a wider variety of foods and am learning how to form an identity outside my eating disorder. I also have a bigger support group that includes people in recovery. Of all the treatment centers, this is the best place i have gone to, particularly because of the trauma work they do there.

I’ve been to 10 treatment centers and this is the best experience i have ever had. I feel solid and secure in my journey to freedom. My team was compassionate, staff was flexible, and it was a very safe space for my soul to be open.  Highly recommend.

I was nervous being in treatment with all of the big changes happening, but am grateful I stuck it out. Nothing is different between Alsana and Castlewood, except that they are forming better ways to adequately help everyone and their individual needs. I think the program is going in a great direction.

Sarah Perry is one of the dopest people I’ve ever had the privilege of working with and it’s genuinely felt like an honor getting to be here. It is the saddest day to be leaving here